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May told EU MPs would not support Brexit bill without clarity on future

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Post time: 2018-07-03 18:21:26
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Mrs May handed over to her Minister of State for the Cabinet Office David Lidington to answer questions on another matter.


Chuka Umunna says clause 10 of the EU Withdrawal Act makes it unlawful for ministers to do anything that leads to a customs border across the island of Ireland. The Solicitor General has confirmed that to exit with no deal would necessitate such a border. He asks whether the PM's belief that no deal would be better than a bad deal would in fact be unlawful. The PM says that interpretation is not correct and it would be up to the UK to determine what it does in relation to the border in NI


Huw Merriman, a Conservative MP, makes a reference to Conservative infighting, when he asked the PM: "There are 650 different opinions on Brexit across this house, but the only opinion that matters with any authorityto deliver for all our constituents is the prime minister's. Would she agree with me that it is time for all of us to get behind her position and give all our constituents the best possible chance of prosperity and a future." The PM says the public voted to leave and want the govt to get on with it "and that's exactly what we are doing".


Dr Julian Lewis asks the PM that while she has invested heavily in security if there is a black hole in the conventional defence budget, we will need to fill it. She replies the UK is committed to spending 2% of overall government spending on defence but the UK is also committed to looking at the defence of the future


She reconfirms we will be leaving the EU on March 29, 2019


Mrs May says what the govt is working for is a Brexit deal that will ensure prosperity and one that whole country can unite behind.


Nicky Morgan tells the PM that rather than listening to "reds lines as set down by the member for North East Somerset (Mr Rees Mogg), she does what Conservative prime ministers over the ages have done, which is to find a pragmatic, sensible and flexible Brexit which delivers on the referendum result and but protects business and jobs and the economy.... otherwise we will not be thanked for the mess we will end up in."


Mrs May says "we are going to be leaving the customs union. We have, as he will be well aware, set out the alternative proposals for the back stop in relation to Northern Ireland and Ireland, which would come into play, were it the case that there was any delay in putting our future customs relationship into full operation. I am very clear that we should be doing everything that we can to ensure that at the end of December 2020 we are able to see our future customs relationship in place, such that that backstop is not necessary"


Jacob Rees Mogg asks Mrs May to confirm that at the end of the implementation period the UK will leave the customs union and will no longer be subject to the common external tariff


In response to a question from Chris Leslie, the PM reiterates that she is confident it will be possible to come to a solution that will mean a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland will not be required.


Vince Cable says the Govt has adopted a "flexible" approach to Cabinet collective responsiblity. The PM responds she remembers statements the Hon Gentleman had made while they were both in Cabinet that did not demonstrate that.


The PM says that is what the Cabinet intends to do


Anna Soubry says British public are "fed up" with Brexit and that she hopes her cabinet will commend an agreement that meets the need of British business then she will command support across the country at large.


The PM responds that if the UK has been a member of an agency it has implication for that agency but that is different to membership


Hilary Benn asks why the PM is opposed to participation in the internal market when she wants to cooperate on security.


The PM responds it is one of the things that the EU has proposed but it is not right as it would not deliver on the vote of the British people


Sir Bill Cash brings up press reports that the UK will go back into some form of the EEA and asks the PM to dismiss them.


Mrs May responds that if Mr Blackford is concerned about jobs he should make sure Scotland stays in the UK


Mr Blackford asks if December is the new deadline


The SNP's Ian Blackford says in his statement that the Brexit secretary has spent just four hours in negotiations with Michel Barnier. In a debate yesterday it emerged that a deal will not be ready until December. To have a Council meeting and then to come back and meet at Chequers - "Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Two years on, we are no nearer. Where is the leadership?" he says.


Mrs May responds we will be setting out in "greater detail" the proposals " we have" for that trade agreement


John Redwood asks the PM the government should table a free trade agreement with the EU now and ask them 'do they want it or not'


Mrs May says months ago Labour were complaining the NHS was not preparing for a 'no deal', now they are complaining they are preparing for a 'no deal'.


The PM responds that "at every stage the opposition party has said there has been no progress on Brexit,... we're on schedule. The question is why does the Labour Party try to frustrate Brexit?"


"The Prime Minister has for too long hidden behind a series of soundbites"


Mr Corbyn asks if the PM is still confident she can get a deal. "It's not clear she can even get a deal with her own cabinet!"


He asks how the govt intends to avoid a hard border - "Where are these flexible solutions?" the problem is the PM is stuck between "two warring factions"


He says the govt's impact assessments show trade deals will not protect trade. "Even the NHS is having to plan for multiple scenarios because there is no clarity from government".


The PM's primary duty is not to manage disagreements in her own party but to negotiate the best withdrawal, he says.


"Infighting... is threatening communities... across the UK"


Mr Corbyn says when it comes to Brexit "This government has mishandled these negotiations every step of the way. Another summit has gone and another opportunity missed."


He urges the PM to "stand up" for humanitarian values


He talks about the Italian govenment's "exploitation" of migrant situation


Mr Corbyn says he hopes the whole house shares his concern about the direction the hard right is taking on Europe's migration.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded by thanking her for her advance notice of her statement


"Our white paper will set out detailed proposals for a close future relationship. The Uk will leave the single market and customs union but it supports our shared security and prosperity."


"The EU and its member states will want to consider our proposals seriously. We both need to show flexibility if we are to build the deep releationship after we have left"


" We all agreed we must intensify the pace of the negotiations on our future relationship. I warned EU leaders that I do not think this parliament will approve the withdrawal agreement this autumn unless we have clarity on our relationship alongside it."


"We are absolutely committed to the existence of such a border. We are also clear there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK"


"Turning to Brexit", the PM says "I updated my fellow leaders on the negotiations and the 27 other member states welcomed the further progress that had been made on the withdrawal agreement. With the exception of the protocol relating to Northern Ireland, we now have agreement or are close to doing so. There remain some real differences between us and the Commission on Northern Ireland. So, on the protocol on NI, I want to be very clear, we have put forward proposals and will produce further proposals so that if a temporary back stop is needed, there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic"


She describes the many places UK military equipment and personnel are utilsed around the world


She says she urged NATO members at the council to increase their defence spending to the level required for membership and reiterated that the UK has the biggest defence budget in Europe


Council also agreed to new sanctions on Russia in the light of its failure to implement the Minsk summit's agreements


Since March the Uk has led work to strengthen work on online disinformation. She says the council welcomed the work done by the Foreign Secretary to get the OPCW to place responsibility on nations that use chemicals weapons and says Emmanuel Macron supported her in calling for new EU sanctions regime


She will be working with other countries on security and defence, giving the example of Russia as testing them and setting up a 'new normal'.


We agreed with the PM of Greece that we would work with the Greek coastguard, she tells MPs. UK now has police in 17 countries and is working with Nigeria and Niger to stregthen that border


There is much work still to be done to look a new solutions.


The UK has been stepping up communications "upstream" to ensure migrants understand what they will face further on.


The Uk wants a whole root approach. The Uk wants more work "upstream", she tells the House.


She tells the House the problem of migration is felt most acutely in countries where they arrive but the challenge is shared.

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